Author of the day – Neil Gaiman

I won’t be making Author of the day posts every day….just naming my favourite author on any day that I can be bothered to blog 🙂

Neil Gaiman

NG NG-2 NG-3

Is there anyone with a wilder imagination that Neil Gaiman? Probably.  Maybe people like Stephen King (legend), Clive Barker (a world woven into a rug? Obviously) and JK Rowling (I’ll forget the Casual Vacancy if you will).  But Neil Gaiman has just captured my imagination lately like no other writer.  I’ve read in very quick succession : Stardust, Coraline, The Graveyard Book, Anasi Boys and my next book all lined up on my Kindle ready to go is American Gods.

Anyone who has a section header on their website entitled Cool stuff & other things gets my vote. I know Neil writes for younger readers but I don’t really care – I am reading everything and anything I can get my grubby mitts on, and it all feels like it’s been written just for me. So far, The Graveyard Book has stuck with me the most and I am really hoping to see a movie of this….the potential for it to be good is really out there. I didn’t think they did too badly with the movies of Coraline and Stardust. Speaking of, I really need one (or all) of these:

coraline_1 coraline_dolls

I would also love the Stardust Gift Edition, but at £163.99 I will need to win the lottery first.


Anyway, after being thoroughly dragged into the world of Neil Gaiman, I have resolved to read all of his books, somehow manage to get ahold of the book above, meet him and get  him to sign it.  After American Gods, I wonder what I should read next…?


For some reason, this find makes me incredibly happy! Created by the very talented Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde (check out their etsy shop HERE), it answers so many questions I had about Carrie’s apartment in SatC. I mean, I just couldn’t figure out the layout properly, despite watching every single episode, many many times.  I would LOVE to own an original copy of this fab plan….but might have to wait until I am rich 😉  But in any case, this is fantastic!

(Click to see larger, more detailed image)

Want of the day….

THIS super cute shabby chic egg storage cabinet is my want of the day. My eggs often end up stuffed into the back of the fridge and I forget I have them, then rediscover them with intentions of making some wonderful omelette or scrambled eggs only to discover they’re out of date.  With this beauty sitting out in the kitchen, I’m not likely to forget.  The question is, do I give up the spot reserved for my baby’s sterilising centre for this? Haha.  I’m tempted….


Serial Killer fame


Why, yes I am famous.  Thanks for asking.

At what point does a serial killer suddenly become a rock star type figure?  One minute they’re murdering husbands, raping the wives and buggering their kids and the next they have groupies attending their court trials and start to become notoriously famous, with some women even going so far as to ignore solid, real, conclusive evidence while declaring them to be innocent and then fighting over said killer with other deluded women and then going on to marry the killer.

One serial killer – The Night Stalker, aka Richard Ramirez is a prime example. Terrorising Los Angeles in the 1980’s, he killed over 14 people, raping and savagely beating many of the women and also sodomizing boys as young as 8 years old. With some burglary thrown in. And a bit of satanism.

Yet someone still wrote to him in jail, and had the cheek to  implore everyone else to see the human being inside of him, while she got busy falling in love with him and calling him innocent. Er,hello?! He beat women over the head with a tyre iron, stabbed people, shot people, mutilated and tortured and then raped people and admitted it and to this day still has no remorse whatsoever, still declaring himself to be a Satan worshipper. Wake up woman!


Richard Ramirez and his wife Doreen Lioy.

My first problem is that this animal is on death row.  How on earth did he earn the privilege and right to get married?! Apparently, Other women tried to steal him away from her, visiting him in prison and lavishing him with all kinds of attention. Doreen often ran into them when she came to for her visits, and at least one woman threatened physical violence if Doreen didn’t abandon her claim on the Night Stalker. But Doreen persevered, and in the end she got her man.She claimed to be a virgin at the time of their wedding, and marrying Ramirez wouldn’t change that because conjugal visits are not permitted for death-row inmate (source :

Richards Ramirez – defiant in court:



Yes.  He looks really sorry about everything, doesn’t he?

People who murder intrigue the rest of us.  Morbid fascination compells us to read about it, follow it on the news and no matter how we try, we can’t look away. It’s human nature and the reason we do it is because we’re trying to understand what the hell goes on inside the minds of these people – what drove them to commit their first murder, where they came from, what kind of life they had…’s possible to look into Richard Ramirez’s past and feel some sympathy. He had grand mal epileptic seizures, was a witness to his first murder at the age of 13 when his Uncle Mike shot his wife in the face at point blank range, and he was exposed to material and photos that a boy that age frankly had no business seeing.  Still, when you grow up you know what’s right and wrong and Richard Ramirez knew the score – and he didn’t care about the consequences :

No big deal, death always comes with the territory. I’ll see you in Disneyland.”

I love to kill people. I love to watch them die. I would shoot them in the head and they would wiggle and squirm all over the place, and then just stop. Or I would cut them with a knife and watch their faces turn real white. I love all that blood.”

You don’t understand me. You are not expected to. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil.”

I understand that whether we like it or not, these people are out there (or in Ramirez’s case in there (prison) and on Death Row). I can’t understand him or anyone who kills for pleasure, personal gain or the fun of it but I get that those fuckers are out there.  What’s worse than a serial killer…?  I’ll tell you what! The sick people who idolise them, shouting about their innocence even when the killer themselves have admitted what they have done. Convicted serial killers deserve to be punished and shunned by the rest of society. It’s not okay to kill, rape, terrorise or torture any other human being and it’s not okay to give the seal of approval to those who do.  It makes you just as bad.

But hey! Do YOU want to write to Richard?! You can!  Amazing, no?


I know, I know. I can’t pick up my pen & paper fast enough either…….

Read More:

Richard Ramirez pen’pal’ link : HERE

Remorseless interview in which interviewer clearly approves of Richard, HERE.

12.12.2013 Edited to add : you can no longer click on the vault link to view Richard’s profile – it’s now been removed as he passed away earlier this year.

Gorgeous baby Peter Rabbit stuff, from The Gap

There is so much stuff I want.  Why am I not a millionaire?!

But, with a little boy on the way (due April 1st – yes, ha ha ha), I’m sure I can stretch to some of these things as the prices are so reasonable and the stuff is SO cute. Plus, I think these fab pieces are the sort of things you could sell on once you are done with them.


Very cute, right?  The collection includes shoes, trousers, socks and more.  Gap also have a range for baby girls. See more HERE.

I want!

Bad news! After reading THIS blog from gorgeous little Irish writer Marian Keyes, I now find myself obsessively coveting £120 worth of cosmetics.  You’d think for that amount you’d get tons and tons of every last possible make up type that you need for your face, but no. I am drooling over just 2 pieces of make up, and after the write up Marian gave it, you will see why.  I HAVE to have them! It’s keeping me awake at night!!

THESE are the very amazing items in question:


Selfridges say:

This unique, 3–in–1 foundation delivers a balanced complexion that glows with vitality and radiance. Extremely lightweight and luminous, it includes the skin–nourishing Tom Ford Infusing Complex to help protect skin and promote its vibrancy from within. Micronized pigments deliver seamless and undetectable coverage that is easy to build up or sheer down. SPF 15 protects skin from sun damage.

An essential tool in Tom Ford’s makeup regimen. Rich in hydrants, this foundation stick’s unique cream formula creates a flawless and smooth finish. Portable and precise, it achieves versatility of sheer, medium or full coverage, always beautifully natural and undetectable. Or, when used as a concealer, it swiftly diminishes imperfections.

Trouble is, when I popped over to browse Tom Ford Cosmetics at Selfidges online, I found a whole treasure trove of other beautiful, wondrous items.  They have an amazing looking finishing powder, an illuminating protective primer (NEED!), and the illuminating highlight pen (also need). And this is just in the FACE section! I then made a very large error in checking their lip section and promptly fell in love, absolutely and totally head-over-heels in love.  I mean, look!


Indian Rose is the shade for me.  That’ll be another £36 on top of the £120 for the face stuff…..what I need is a spare £500 to spend online, right now. Alternatively, I should resist and head over to ELF where cosmetics start at £1.50. I mean, how different can the ingredients be, right?

But I still really, really want the Tom Ford stuff!


Exclusive Tom Ford cosmetics, available online now from Selfidges.