Amazon Prime….massive fail

I have always championed Amazon. People argue that Play are cheaper, and they’re right but Play deliveries take aaaages and if you want something fast you pay a lot extra with them. A lot.
With Amazon, you can pay £49 at the start if the year to be an Amazon Prime member. Seems steep but has always turned out to be more than worth it. No matter what you buy, it’s delivered next day. Very useful for forgotten birthdays….invaluable at Christmas. I’ve had my money’s worth order after order after order, in fact all of 2012’s orders…..always perfect until just lately. Is it because it’s 2013??
I ordered 4 items for the husband’s birthday and out of the 4, only one arrived – a day late. The first item showed as being delivered but they had no signature and no POD and I certainly had no item. The other 2 items are now 3 days late….Amazon fall down massively in customer service. They don’t display or advertise a customer service email address, instead you fill out an online form and hope somebody responds to you. And if they do and you try to reply to said email, it bounces back. Just appalling….how are you supposed to resolve an issue with no history/conversation trail etc? Plus, Amazon’s really helpful help section (sarcasm, yes), tells you what to do if an item says delivered but isn’t – you have to chase the courier company yourself…in this case, Yodel who were useless. And who directed me back to Amazon saying that they had to raise the inquiry as they were Yodel’s customer, not me. Some ‘Prime’ service….not! In the end Amazon said they would look into it and I should hear in 48 hours. 4 days after non-delivery… I kicked up a stink via a customer service email address that my online investigations found and demanded a replacement, which was duly sent. And not delivered. Same carrier. The parcel I did receive was delivered by Parcelforce. The company failing are Yodel….so sort it out Amazon! Why continue to use a company that fail to deliver? Not once but twice?
So as of today, I have received only 1 of my 5 parcels, none next day and none delivered the ‘Prime’ way I have come to know and love. I will not be renewing my membership in February….I have had enough screw ups in the past week to eradicate every time I’ve had a good experience.
I’ll be using Play from now on. They might take 5 days to deliver but at least I won’t pay £49 for the privilege.

And now…..for the worlds least publicised email address :


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