Rediscovering old favourites….

I have my all time favourite movies as I’m sure other fellow losers do; the ones where I’ve seen them at least 20+ times and will probably watch them another 20+ times, if not more before I shuffle off this mortal coil.  These days, less and less movies make it onto that elite list. However, joining the hallowed ranks of Dirty Dancing, Dead Poet’s Soceity, The Breakfast Club and Sense & Sensibility is little known film Catch & Release.


Starring the very watchable Jennifer Garner, Juliette Lewis, delectable Timothy Olyphant and a genius speaking appearance from Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith along with a good solid performance from Aunt Petunia (Fiona Shaw), this movie really shouldn’t work at all.  But…somehow, it does.

It completely and unapolgetically manipulates the emotions, you can see the ‘twists’ coming a mile off,  Juliette Lewis is so typecast as the kooky but sexy ‘chakra-chi-aura’ therapist, the ending is delivered all tied up neatly in a predictable bow and yet for some reason….I love it!

Susannah Grant directs Garner as Gray, a woman burying her fiancé Grady on the day that she should have been marrying him.  Garner is absolutely heartbreaking in these early scenes, pulling those tears from you whether you want to give them up or not. She finds herself unable to afford the place she was going to share with her husband Grady and instead moves in with his best friends, who offer moral and emotional support as she discovers that her fiancé was not the man she thought he was at all and that was in fact harbouring big secrets – bad ones.


She moves in with 2 of Grady’s best friends – who provide much needed care for Gray.  The 3rd friend on the scene is Fritz, visiting from LA.  Unreliable, irresponsible, seemingly thoughtless and selfish…….Gray can’t understand why Grady was ever friends with him.  But she misjudges him massively and of course….he ends up being the one person to bring her back to life.  The chemistry between Garner and Olyphant is tangible, evident and very real and a big part of why this film works so well.


This film is sad, heatbreaking, funny, touching, poignant and sweet. I absolutely recommend it and yes……it’s one you can rewatch over and over…..and you’ll cry every time.

Even if when you do know what’s coming.


Favourite quotes:

Fritz: I owe you an apology.
Gray: Just one?
Fritz: For ruining the funeral.
Gray: Yeah, if it hadn’t been for you, that would’ve been one great day.

Gray: What’s your favorite color?
Fritz: Grey.

Gray: (as voiceover, talking to Grady who has passed) :
I didn’t tell them everything, though. I left out the complicated stuff, like how it took losing you forever for me to truly find you.  They want to know I miss you. Not that while I’ve been missing you, I’ve fallen for someone else. It’s weird, though. I feel like the only one who would understand this is you. In a way, that makes sense. He was the one person you were yourself around. Of course he’d be that same person for me.

Favourite picture :


Where have I seen you before?

Jennifer Garner – Daredevil, Elektra, Alias

Timothy Olyphant – Hitman, Deadwood, Diehard, Go

Kevin Smith – Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Juliette Lewis – Cape Fear, Natural born Killers, Kalifornia, From Dusk til dawn

Fiona Shaw – Harry Potter 1-8, True Blood, Jane Eyre

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