Once Upon a Time…

Predicatable.  Cheesy.  Twee. The occasional shitty plop piece of CGI.  A bit smug and pleased with itself. There is so much about Once Upon a Time (OUAT) that should spell ‘Rubbish TV show’.  But it’s also clever, addictive, well written and has Robert Carlyle.  Somehow, it just works, and I love it. For every plotline I have guessed, there is also a surprise waiting just around the corner and with every cackle of “Hello dearie!” uttered by Rumple, I get hooked on this show more and more.  So without further ado, here are my favourite characters (so far).


Ruby / Red
Ruby is awesome! She kicks ass, is a loyal friend to Snow and she can smell bullshit a mile off. Plus, she eats anyone who messes with her.


Snow White
Although I like Snow, I’m not so keen on wet blanket Mary Margaret, although she is starting to come into her own, finally.  But I like arrow slinging, knife wielding, bad ass Snow – I also think Ginnifer looks better with long hair.


What’s not to love? Conniving, eye-liner wearing, no scruples, double crossing pirate.  And a nemesis for Rumple!


Could have so easily been a wet mop but she isn’t. Survived being locked up by regina, survived Rumple at his worst, and still she is awesome and strong and stands up to Rumple and sees the best in him.  Awesome character!


Speaking of the Evil Queen…..Regina has had the most character development, the most heartbreak and the most thoroughly evil storylines.  She’s fantastic and complex and keeps on growing and developing.  Please let her put Cora in the ground though and be a worthy mother-figure finally for Henry. Oh, and she also has the most amazing wardrobe so she gets 2 pictures 🙂



August / Pinocchio
Where did you go? Come back – we love you!! Emma’s protector who failed but then redeemed himself (barely) turned back to wood but then became a real boy again when Magic came to Storybrook.  But where did he go?


Emma Swan
We like her now that she can handle a sword and has magic and is stepping up to face off against her enemies and look after her son.  We do feel that Henry’s father will return at some point…. 😉

And the very best character of all, without question……


Rumplestiltskin / Mr Gold
He gets all the best lines, has a catchphrase and sparkles a bit, even if he does have crocodile skin. He’s devious and untrustworthy and evil and all that but we still love him! The fact that Robert Carlyle acts every other cast member clean off the screen might have something to do with it too.

Once Upon A Time7-20110921-65

So there you go, dearies! Our favourite OUAT characters.  Agree?  Disagree?  Think there someone worth adding? That’s what the comment button is for 🙂

The Oscars 2013 – Red Carpet Hits & Misses


This year, we were distinctly underwhelmed! It seems like there was a sea of pale, unsparkly gowns that failed to flatter and not enough colours, glitz and Hollywood glamour! In fact, this year some of the best dressed winners were the men!  So without further ado, here are the Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Hits & Misses…..plus a couple of the usual undecided….


85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

What the HECK is this cream puff non-descript gown doing on such a young, pretty talented girl? Jennifer Lawrence (winner, best actress) looks pale, washed out, and distinctly lacking sparkle.  We’re getting bored of seeing this same colour on her now.  She needs some brights in her life!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I get angry when people get on Kristin Stewart’s case all the time.  She’s actually a great actress (Panic Room), and if she looks a bit moody, she can’t help that….it’s her natural features and there’s nobody out there who smiles all the time! Plus, it takes 2 to cheat and I defy anyone to say hand on heart that they haven’t made a mistake that has hurt someone they love at some point.  I hate cheaters though….but I also hate that she got ALL of the blame.  Anyway…..not a Twilight fan, but I do think this girl gets ripped on too much.  However, in this dress….she kinda deserves it. It doesn’t fit her properly around the boobs, the colour makes her look truly undead and it just does nothing for her.  At least she’s smiling though.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Halle Berry – you are on my Shit list.  I hate this Grecian column dress, I hate that your boobs are out(ish) and I hate your hair. She always seems to think hooker wear featuring her long legs, boobs or backside will win her the day.  It doesn’t work, Catwoman.  Sorry.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Speaking of Catwoman……Oh, Anne Hathaway (winner, best supporting actress) you have let me down so badly with this dress! The colour is awful (what is it with white, Ivory, pale gowns at the moment??). This makes you look anorexic, boyish and pale as anything.  Plus it has funny almost nipple sticky out stitches around the breast area!
Loving the jewellery and hair though.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The mutton has landed.  Nicole Kidman…usually so perfectly styled, looks like she has just stepped out of a Jackie Collins novel.  Fail.

And the Worst dressed Oscar goes to….

Helena Bonham Carter – who else?!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Mad hair – check.  Black gown – check. Thank god we can always rely on Helena to get it wrong and turn up looking like a sack of shite.


85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Pop! That’s what we like – some colour and Hollywood Glamour.  Reece Witherspoon absolutely nails it in this fantastic gown, with gorgeous 1950s inspired hair and sparkling jewels.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Curvy and gorgeous! Love the dress, hair, make up and the fact that Adele blows someone like Skinny Anne Hathaway clean off the red carpet!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jessica Chastain wows again….I am even forgiving the pale colour because with her colouring, it works perfectly! The hair and lips set this dress off a treat…..Jessica is definitely one to watch in the style stakes.

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Jennifer Hudson looks just fantastic in this gorgeous blue gown. The clutch matches perfectly, the sleek hair is lovely and glam, and we love the big rock on her finger!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Sandy looks so pretty in this gorgeous gown.  Her hair looks gorgeous swept to one side, the bag compliments the outfit perfectly and the firm fitting gown shows off Sandy’s still amazing figure.  Love it!

And the best dressed Oscar award goes to…..

Jennifer Aniston!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Is it orange? Is it red? Don’t know, don’t care! Jen provides some much needed colour, along with super cute hair and in-love-glow.  The accessories are all perfect and she shines and shimmers in this fantastic gown.  Definitely my favourite!

The Men

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals  Capture  cp

Joseph Gordon Levitt                 Bradley Cooper                            Chris Pine

Bebonair, stylish, gorgeous….these lovely lads were rocking the red carpet in style!

Best Dressed Couple

ben_affleck_wife_jennifer_garner_oscars_2013_red_carpet_18ilhel-18ilhh1 ben_affleck_and_jennifer_garner_at_the_2012_academy_awards_596502

Jennifer Garner & Ben Afflect – still so in love, still looking amazing together!

And finally……underwhelmed & undecided:


Is it Bridget Nielsen?  Charlize Theron?  I don’t know…..and I also know about the pointy white outfit either. Usually she looks amazing, but here she looks a little butch and unfeminine.  We love the hair, but if you are going to go that short you need to team it with something that accentuates your femininity, not this androgynous monochrome blah drabble dress.  She gets no awards from this Blog!

What does it all mean?


Valentines Day

Consumer driven, card-greeting money maker?

The day that couples go all gooey and singletons turn against them and glare with malice whilst declaring them to all be pathetic and accusing them of buying into a shallow sentiment, designed by corporate companies to make money.

Do we really need a special day set aside once a year to tell our loved ones that we love them? Whatever you think about psychic mediums, one guy knocks the nail on the head :

“Communicate,  appreciate,  validate.” – John Edward

Don’t wait until someone is gone to realise how much you love them.  Don’t wait for February 14th and then begrudgingly spend £20 on wilted, crappy last minute roses from Tesco, or elbow people out of the way at The Card factory because you feel obligated to put how you feel into a piece of paper.  If you love someone – tell them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Saying “I love you” costs nothing, so why not say it every day?  Why not make your loved one feel appreciated and loved all the time?

Having said that, I like flowers and chocolates and meals out – and any excuse to cosy up to my husband. I just don’t necessarily need it on the 14th February.

Where does Valentines day originate from?  Read all about it HERE.


The Baftas – Red carpet hits and misses

It rained, there were umbrellas, Hollywood A listers shivered and looked miserable despite their sparkly gowns….but they still managed to turn up the glamour – and turn out the weird.  Here are the hits & misses from the Baftas, along with a couple of on-the-fence outfits where I just can’t decide!

Jessica Chastain – Okay, I had no idea that electric blue could look so amazingly stunning on a red-head. Teamed with drop dead diva red lips, this outfit delivers Hollywood glamour in the London rain effortlessly.

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Paloma Faith
– cracking voice, sod all dress sense. With the right hair and make up, this dress isn’t half bad but as usual, Paloma teams it with OTT accessories and hair, and then looks like a wide eyed lunatic just for an added extra. Sort your eyebrows out, woman.


Does the massively talented, utterly gorgeous, Bafta winning Anne Hathaway ever get it wrong?  Apprently not. She looks so chic and I am loving the bag! Also love the fact that she is smiling, despite the weather.

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Helen Mirren….where do we start? Pink hair?  Really?  REALLY?! And then the dress…..what a sack of shit.  She suddenly seems to have gone from style icon who was graceful and stylish (and has that body, at her age!) to the Queen of Muttonia.  What? It’s a real place.

British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals,

Emilia Fox – This gown could be on the boring side but then she rocks it with gorgeous jewellery and a fab updo.  Love it, love the make up, love the smile, love Emilia.

Emilia Fox

Helena Bonham Carter – you can always rely on Mrs Batshit Tim Burton to deliver something wacky, tasteless, crappy and unstylish.  I’m a bit disappointed with this one to be honest….the hair could have been a bit more mental (although the bow is all sorts of shite), the dress isn’t half bad and the fur is a bit crap but quite not what the fuck?!?! category. She actually looks pretty, so her make up is spot on.  Still, take a look at her accessories……mental husband with batshit hair and arm in a sling.  She was never going to be a HIT but he helps to tip her into the MISS category.  Muwahaha!


Jennifer Lawrence – she is like a breath of fresh air! Fresh faced, pretty, stylish and talented to boot.  Looking a bit miserable here but hey….it’s snowing, she’s cold – and she looks so amazing she can be forgiven.

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Sarah Jessica Parker – This one pains me more than you will ever know.  My own personal icon, style guru, legend and the pure talent that is SJP has let me down.  I know it’s cold but a pants suit that looks like it has fat control panels on it?! Really, Sarah?  I know you can look so much prettier and glam.  Hate it 😦

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Gemma Arterton – Why is this woman so effortlessly beautiful?  Why does she always look amazing? It isn’t fair.  I want to hate her but she’s just too amazing. I love the flesh coloured stripe on the dress…..she looks fantastic and her barely there make up and dress work brilliantly.


On the fence
I want to love these offerings from Natalie and Jennifer (two ladies who I usually adore!) but I just don’t.  I can’t say that they’re misses, but they aren’t hits either.  What went wrong ladies??
natalie jenniferg

And the Bafta is awarded to……
Thandie Newton – She looks phenomenal in Louis Vuitton. I love every single thing about this outfit – the hair, the make up, the accessories, the flash of toned leg, the bag, the toned slender arms, those gorgeous shoes……take a good long look, Mirren – you could have pulled this off…..almost.

EE British Academy Film Awards - Inside Arrivals

EE British Academy Film Awards - Inside Arrivals


American Horror Story – Asylum

Is there anything more terrifying, bizarre, perverted, strange, weird, horrific, inventive, ridiculous, brain-crawlingly unnerving and downright excellent on your TV at the moment? I’m going to go with no. And if there is, for the love of god please tell me because I really, really want to know.

I thought American Horror Story Season 1 was amazing. I didn’t think that Season 2 American Horror Story : Asylum would be as good as or better.  I was wrong.

Having said that, opinion out there is divided (some serious whining going on at the IMDB message boards!). Although I loved season 1, (Ghosts, scary house, things in jars in the basement), S2 had a lot more going on.  Sometimes too much but seriously….did you see what happened this season?! Aliens, creatures that had once been patients eating human remains, torture, mutilation, murder, evil nuns, demons, possession, mential patients compulsively masturbating, Chloe Sevigny without any legs (once they were chopped off by the evil Nazi doctor), and so much more including gruesome, graphic, blood laden sick and twisted scenes that will stay with you long after Rubber Man and Infantata.

And the cast…oh my! Too many brilliant actors among the ensemble to mention them all, but standouts are Jessica Lange (obviously), Lily Rabe, Evan Peters & the always excellent Sarah Paulson.


From the interviews and rumours on the internet, all of these players will be returning for S3, along with some actors from S1 who have been absent this season.

The cameos were kind of cool for S2, i.e. Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine, Dylan McDermott (towards the end, after he blabbed exactly who he’d be playing on Twitter – idiot), Frances Conroy, Ian McShane…..I also enjoyed seeing Jopseph Fiennes this season.

Standout moments from the series finale (or last few episodes) were all Lana.  This:


And Lana blowing off her son’s head.

What? He had it coming.

Author of the day – Marian Keyes

Author of the day today is Irish writer Marian Keyes.


Although she often doubts her own epic talents, she’s a fantastic writer whose books are full of warmth, humour and cracking storylines, but sadly (and unfairly) she often seems to get thrown into the ‘chick-lit’ category (as though books aimed at women are bad!). I don’t class her books as chick-lit.  Books that tackle death, loss, addiction, domestic violence, rape and other hard-hitting subjects are to me just books attempting to tell a damn good story about life in general. They don’t deserve the derogatory label of chick-lit and it is a derogatory label, almost as if anything in this category is for bubble headed thick types who can’t handle real books…..anyway, at least they can’t put Saved By Cake into the chick-lit category!!

Marian loves her fans and because of that, we love her.  She Tweets, holds prize raffles, blogs, writes back to you if you write to her and is so lovely if you are lucky enough to meet her at a book signing/reading.  She also loves fashion and beauty and writes lots of lovely beauty columns on her website.  But back to the novel writing!

My favourite books (although I love them ALL) are about The Walsh Sisters.  There are 5 sisters and they each have a book.  The books are funny, brilliant, addictive, fantastically written and each one has been a bestseller.  Here they are in order of how much I love them!

1. Rachel’s Holiday  – Featuring Rachel Walsh.  This is not only my favourite Marian Keyes book but my favourite book of all time.  Yes, it’s that good. Read it and I dare you to not fall in love with Luke Costello, or Rachel’s touching story.  Sheer brilliance.

2. Anybody out there? – Anna Walsh’s story.  If you see the twist coming early, then good for you – it took me awhile and as the penny dropped, I actually gasped out loud to myself and put the book down for a moment to process….

3. Angels – Featuring the oldest sister, Maggie. I love this book because one of the main stars in my beloved City of Angels, LA. I also adore the book because it’s brilliant.

4. The Mystery of Mercy Close – This is the youngest sister’s story – Helen is the prettiest, most sarcastic sister of all but she suffers from debilitating depression…..something Marian can truly write from the heart about.

5. Watermelon – Claire’s story and Marian’s first novel.  I do love the book, but I love the others more! It’s still a cracking place to start with the collection.


One reason why I find Marian herself so awesome is because of everything this lady has had to deal with and go through and how she has come out the other side, still smiling (most days), still writing (excellently), and still fighting.  She’s battled and won against alcoholism and addiction and even now battles daily with debilitating depression.  Did she let it get the better of her? As if she did! Instead of acting on strong and persistent impulses to end her life and instead of going under completely, she made cake (or several hundred). Now, how fantastic is that?!


You can read about Marian’s latest news and her struggles and get advice and see fabulous videos on her lovely website : HERE. You can also access a full list of her books HERE.

Why not let yourself be drawn into the world of Marian? If you don’t fancy the Walsh Sisters, she has plenty more offerings – all wonderful, all well worth a read.