American Horror Story – Asylum

Is there anything more terrifying, bizarre, perverted, strange, weird, horrific, inventive, ridiculous, brain-crawlingly unnerving and downright excellent on your TV at the moment? I’m going to go with no. And if there is, for the love of god please tell me because I really, really want to know.

I thought American Horror Story Season 1 was amazing. I didn’t think that Season 2 American Horror Story : Asylum would be as good as or better.  I was wrong.

Having said that, opinion out there is divided (some serious whining going on at the IMDB message boards!). Although I loved season 1, (Ghosts, scary house, things in jars in the basement), S2 had a lot more going on.  Sometimes too much but seriously….did you see what happened this season?! Aliens, creatures that had once been patients eating human remains, torture, mutilation, murder, evil nuns, demons, possession, mential patients compulsively masturbating, Chloe Sevigny without any legs (once they were chopped off by the evil Nazi doctor), and so much more including gruesome, graphic, blood laden sick and twisted scenes that will stay with you long after Rubber Man and Infantata.

And the cast…oh my! Too many brilliant actors among the ensemble to mention them all, but standouts are Jessica Lange (obviously), Lily Rabe, Evan Peters & the always excellent Sarah Paulson.


From the interviews and rumours on the internet, all of these players will be returning for S3, along with some actors from S1 who have been absent this season.

The cameos were kind of cool for S2, i.e. Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine, Dylan McDermott (towards the end, after he blabbed exactly who he’d be playing on Twitter – idiot), Frances Conroy, Ian McShane…..I also enjoyed seeing Jopseph Fiennes this season.

Standout moments from the series finale (or last few episodes) were all Lana.  This:


And Lana blowing off her son’s head.

What? He had it coming.

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