The Baftas – Red carpet hits and misses

It rained, there were umbrellas, Hollywood A listers shivered and looked miserable despite their sparkly gowns….but they still managed to turn up the glamour – and turn out the weird.  Here are the hits & misses from the Baftas, along with a couple of on-the-fence outfits where I just can’t decide!

Jessica Chastain – Okay, I had no idea that electric blue could look so amazingly stunning on a red-head. Teamed with drop dead diva red lips, this outfit delivers Hollywood glamour in the London rain effortlessly.

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Paloma Faith
– cracking voice, sod all dress sense. With the right hair and make up, this dress isn’t half bad but as usual, Paloma teams it with OTT accessories and hair, and then looks like a wide eyed lunatic just for an added extra. Sort your eyebrows out, woman.


Does the massively talented, utterly gorgeous, Bafta winning Anne Hathaway ever get it wrong?  Apprently not. She looks so chic and I am loving the bag! Also love the fact that she is smiling, despite the weather.

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Helen Mirren….where do we start? Pink hair?  Really?  REALLY?! And then the dress…..what a sack of shit.  She suddenly seems to have gone from style icon who was graceful and stylish (and has that body, at her age!) to the Queen of Muttonia.  What? It’s a real place.

British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals,

Emilia Fox – This gown could be on the boring side but then she rocks it with gorgeous jewellery and a fab updo.  Love it, love the make up, love the smile, love Emilia.

Emilia Fox

Helena Bonham Carter – you can always rely on Mrs Batshit Tim Burton to deliver something wacky, tasteless, crappy and unstylish.  I’m a bit disappointed with this one to be honest….the hair could have been a bit more mental (although the bow is all sorts of shite), the dress isn’t half bad and the fur is a bit crap but quite not what the fuck?!?! category. She actually looks pretty, so her make up is spot on.  Still, take a look at her accessories……mental husband with batshit hair and arm in a sling.  She was never going to be a HIT but he helps to tip her into the MISS category.  Muwahaha!


Jennifer Lawrence – she is like a breath of fresh air! Fresh faced, pretty, stylish and talented to boot.  Looking a bit miserable here but hey….it’s snowing, she’s cold – and she looks so amazing she can be forgiven.

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Sarah Jessica Parker – This one pains me more than you will ever know.  My own personal icon, style guru, legend and the pure talent that is SJP has let me down.  I know it’s cold but a pants suit that looks like it has fat control panels on it?! Really, Sarah?  I know you can look so much prettier and glam.  Hate it 😦

BAFTA Film Awards 2013 - Arrivals - London

Gemma Arterton – Why is this woman so effortlessly beautiful?  Why does she always look amazing? It isn’t fair.  I want to hate her but she’s just too amazing. I love the flesh coloured stripe on the dress…..she looks fantastic and her barely there make up and dress work brilliantly.


On the fence
I want to love these offerings from Natalie and Jennifer (two ladies who I usually adore!) but I just don’t.  I can’t say that they’re misses, but they aren’t hits either.  What went wrong ladies??
natalie jenniferg

And the Bafta is awarded to……
Thandie Newton – She looks phenomenal in Louis Vuitton. I love every single thing about this outfit – the hair, the make up, the accessories, the flash of toned leg, the bag, the toned slender arms, those gorgeous shoes……take a good long look, Mirren – you could have pulled this off…..almost.

EE British Academy Film Awards - Inside Arrivals

EE British Academy Film Awards - Inside Arrivals


2 thoughts on “The Baftas – Red carpet hits and misses

  1. When I saw SJP with her sleek hair and sparkly jewellery, my initial thoughts were “oh my god, she’s here! At the Baftas!” and then I thought she looks great in black. Then I saw the whole outfit and just wondered how she could have gotten it so terribly wrong…..the trousers legs and shoes are fab and I love the bag & accessories but I just don’t understand the spanx panels! She’s like a size -2 so I am really sure she doesn’t need control wear?!

  2. Love this blog! Queen of Muttonia, LMAO! And SJP really had me twisted – I saw her walk past and wave at the camera and I thought, “OH MY GOD BEST DRESSED” – I absolutely love when women wear pants on the red carpet and go for that power dressing androgyny, but then I searched for pictures of it and the middle section is just awful – the built in Spanx thing is so true, it’s just so strange and makes her look really short and odd. Such a shame!

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