What does it all mean?


Valentines Day

Consumer driven, card-greeting money maker?

The day that couples go all gooey and singletons turn against them and glare with malice whilst declaring them to all be pathetic and accusing them of buying into a shallow sentiment, designed by corporate companies to make money.

Do we really need a special day set aside once a year to tell our loved ones that we love them? Whatever you think about psychic mediums, one guy knocks the nail on the head :

“Communicate,  appreciate,  validate.” – John Edward

Don’t wait until someone is gone to realise how much you love them.  Don’t wait for February 14th and then begrudgingly spend £20 on wilted, crappy last minute roses from Tesco, or elbow people out of the way at The Card factory because you feel obligated to put how you feel into a piece of paper.  If you love someone – tell them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Saying “I love you” costs nothing, so why not say it every day?  Why not make your loved one feel appreciated and loved all the time?

Having said that, I like flowers and chocolates and meals out – and any excuse to cosy up to my husband. I just don’t necessarily need it on the 14th February.

Where does Valentines day originate from?  Read all about it HERE.


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