The Orchard at Tesco


I have always championed Tesco. I love the benefits you receive of being a loyal customer, with a clubcard.  For example:

  • Clubcard points.  You shop, they save them up and then every so often you receive a voucher and we usually get between £15-20 off our shopping bill.
  • Additional coupons – money off, extra clubcard points etc – all tailor made to things they know you shop for!
  • THAT fab promotion that runs every so often – £5 off a £40 shop.  Have just enjoyed 3 weeks in a row of this!
  • Money off petrol vouchers – brilliant.
  • Exclusive baby club stuff, including a car parking badge to park in the parent & baby spaces
  • Priority delivery slots (we shop online!)
  • Delivery saver – £7.50 a month, saving up to a possible £12.50 a month (every little helps….!)
  • Special promotions to save stamps to get amazing stainless steel cookware, crystal glass collections etc for a fraction of the price
  • Additional clubcard points for being green and recycling/reusing bags etc

Of course, Tesco’s goal is to make money. That should be EVERY forward thinking companies goal really, but Tesco really goes give you extra.  They also care about what their customers actually want and have given me the chance to sign up for the Orchard at Tesco.  So I did.  I’ll be on a panel that tests products and shares opinions so that the rest of the UK can make informed decisions based on honest reviews.  You can also sign up!

To do so, CLICK HERE.


Horrifying, twisted & sick

This post won’t have any pictures because every time I see Ian Watkin’s face, I feel physically sick.

I won’t go into details about the charges this animal has pleaded guilty to because every time I read the case I ended up more flabbergasted and in tears.

Disgusting, depraved, disgraceful, sick, perverted, twisted, vile…..none of these words even come close to sufficing as a description for what he’s done.
I just keep seeing one sentence over and over and over….

the attempted rape of a baby

A one year old boy. Whose mother should have been willing to lay down her life to protect her little boy from monsters in the closet, from bullies in the playground, from paedophiles out in the world….not be the accomplice that makes it possible for a fully grown man to molest a baby.

No sentence that will be passed on December 18th can reflect the severity of these despicable crimes.

The only comfort we as a Nation can take from these increasingly disturbing news reports is that the children concerned were removed from their parents ‘care’ and are being looked after, protected and truly cared for….finally.

I’m not really religious but tonight I will say a wee prayer for any child, baby, minor and underage teen who came into contact with Ian Watkins. I don’t know what will happen to him and the ‘mothers’ when they go to jail, and I wouldn’t normally wish harm on anyone….but if I read that someone removed these sad excuses for human beings from this plane of existence, I’d send a word of thanks to the big man upstairs.

The Night Stalker….update

So, further to this post, I have learned that serial killer, rapist, Satan worshipper and burglar Richard Ramirez finally met his maker and hero, Lucifer. I mean, I’m assuming he went to hell, right?  No way this sucker was passing the Pearly Gates (unless he found a way to break in….he was quite good at that).  Anyway, he passed away in June of this year, after spending 23 years on death row.  He was 53 years of age.  He died from cancer (Lymphoma), and while I find it vulgar to gloat about anyone’s death/illness etc, there’s a part of me that is just a little bit ner ner ner ner ner.

The fact that he contracted cancer, died young and spent almost half of his life on death row just reinforces my beliefs about Karma.  It’s out there, it’s real and it’s a bitch.

What goes around, comes around.


Christmas crafting for the artistically challenged

You know how people make jokes about not being able to sew a button on? Well, I can do that. I can just about repair a seam that’s come apart as well.  After that, I’m rubbish. I am a writer, not an artist and I can’t make cards or create my own art for the house or knit, sew or craft cushions etc.  But I have stumbled upon the easiest Christmas crafting ever. If I can do this, anyone – seriously, anyone – can do this!


You will need:

  • White crew sock (buy several pairs if you want to make gifts)
  • Elastic bands
  • Mixed bag of buttons (I chose green & red smaller ones)
  • Some Christmas ribbon or fabric
  • Craft glue
  • Map pins
  • Long grain rice
  • Scissors
  • Needle & thread

Start by cutting the sock at the heel and tying off the main part with an elastic band.  Keep the rest of the sock, you’ll need it.


Next, stuff the sock with rice.  Keep pushing it down and using the stretch of the sock to plump it out and make a fat, round base.


Next, tie off a section and then fill up the smaller top section with more rice. Tie off with another elastic band.  Your sock should now have a basic snowman shape.

S3 S4

You now need your map pins. I bought a pack of black and a multi coloured pack, which had orange inside. This was good, as I was all out of miniature carrots…



He’s starting to look like a real snowman now! Next, add your ribbon and fashion it like a scarf.  Also, roll the top of the edge of the sock remnant up and place it on the snowman’s head like a hat.



Okay, now you just need to embellish him a little.  Sew or glue some buttons on to the main body section and maybe jazz up his hat with some ribbon or fabric offcuts.



You are all done! And here he is – my finished prototype Snowman 🙂



Directions were taken from HERE. Their snowmen are considerably better than mine!!! Here are some other sock snowmen.  Using different materials, embellishments and crafty bits you can create your own individual designs.

sm1 sm3

sm4 Sock_Snowmen_5055fd4b4a2a6


Natalie Portman….plain Jane?

One of my favourite movie scenes (and endings) of all time is of Natalie Portman in Closer.


What did I get from the film?
Well, I think from the moment she laid eyes on him, ‘Alice’ knew that Dan would break her heart. This is clearly why she gives him the name Alice (taken from the grave marker in the graveyard where they first).

After Dan (predictably) cheats on her and does indeed break her heart, she forgives him momentarily.  Thankfully, she comes to her senses and leaves the douche bag. We discover that the name she gave earlier in the film to Clive Owen’s blundering Larry, is in fact her real name.  Plain old Jane Jones.

The closing scene of the film shows Alice/Jane walking down a New York street, looking healthy, happy and without a care in the world. The viewer rejoices as snake in the grass Larry is back in blighty, alone and having lost Alice who he truly loved.  Now his heart is broken.  Brilliant.

Natalie also plays a character named Jane in the Thor movies.