Natalie Portman….plain Jane?

One of my favourite movie scenes (and endings) of all time is of Natalie Portman in Closer.


What did I get from the film?
Well, I think from the moment she laid eyes on him, ‘Alice’ knew that Dan would break her heart. This is clearly why she gives him the name Alice (taken from the grave marker in the graveyard where they first).

After Dan (predictably) cheats on her and does indeed break her heart, she forgives him momentarily.  Thankfully, she comes to her senses and leaves the douche bag. We discover that the name she gave earlier in the film to Clive Owen’s blundering Larry, is in fact her real name.  Plain old Jane Jones.

The closing scene of the film shows Alice/Jane walking down a New York street, looking healthy, happy and without a care in the world. The viewer rejoices as snake in the grass Larry is back in blighty, alone and having lost Alice who he truly loved.  Now his heart is broken.  Brilliant.

Natalie also plays a character named Jane in the Thor movies.

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