The Night Stalker….update

So, further to this post, I have learned that serial killer, rapist, Satan worshipper and burglar Richard Ramirez finally met his maker and hero, Lucifer. I mean, I’m assuming he went to hell, right?  No way this sucker was passing the Pearly Gates (unless he found a way to break in….he was quite good at that).  Anyway, he passed away in June of this year, after spending 23 years on death row.  He was 53 years of age.  He died from cancer (Lymphoma), and while I find it vulgar to gloat about anyone’s death/illness etc, there’s a part of me that is just a little bit ner ner ner ner ner.

The fact that he contracted cancer, died young and spent almost half of his life on death row just reinforces my beliefs about Karma.  It’s out there, it’s real and it’s a bitch.

What goes around, comes around.


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