Horrifying, twisted & sick

This post won’t have any pictures because every time I see Ian Watkin’s face, I feel physically sick.

I won’t go into details about the charges this animal has pleaded guilty to because every time I read the case I ended up more flabbergasted and in tears.

Disgusting, depraved, disgraceful, sick, perverted, twisted, vile…..none of these words even come close to sufficing as a description for what he’s done.
I just keep seeing one sentence over and over and over….

the attempted rape of a baby

A one year old boy. Whose mother should have been willing to lay down her life to protect her little boy from monsters in the closet, from bullies in the playground, from paedophiles out in the world….not be the accomplice that makes it possible for a fully grown man to molest a baby.

No sentence that will be passed on December 18th can reflect the severity of these despicable crimes.

The only comfort we as a Nation can take from these increasingly disturbing news reports is that the children concerned were removed from their parents ‘care’ and are being looked after, protected and truly cared for….finally.

I’m not really religious but tonight I will say a wee prayer for any child, baby, minor and underage teen who came into contact with Ian Watkins. I don’t know what will happen to him and the ‘mothers’ when they go to jail, and I wouldn’t normally wish harm on anyone….but if I read that someone removed these sad excuses for human beings from this plane of existence, I’d send a word of thanks to the big man upstairs.

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