From the movie…to the TV shows

I was so annoyed when I started to hear about certain movies being turned into TV shows. There just seemed no need for it! Had Hollywood run out of ideas?  I mean, who in their right mind would take a legendary character like Hannibal Lecter and make him TV friendly for an hour at a time? And why would you mess with Johnny Depp’s Ichabod Crane and try to create a nice tied up, weekly adventure? It wouldn’t be creepy.  Hannibal wouldn’t be menacing. And don’t even get me started on a teenage Norman Bates…..gah! Worst idea ever…?

I was even more annoyed to discover that I was wrong! (I don’t like to be wrong).

In a nutshell, my ratings for these 3 shows are:

Hannibal 10/10 (Hannibal is supposed to have a European accent. Who knew?!)
Bates Motel 8/10 (Vera Farmiga……a revelation. Watch it, Lange!)
Sleepy Hollow 8½/10 (Hellllooooo new Ichabod!)




So it seems that the bigwigs in TV land have finally got something right.  Better still, these amazing shows are being renewed for new seasons instead of being cancelled without being given a fair chance (cough cough *firefly* cough cough cough splutter). 

Not only that, but they haven’t held anything back when making these shows.  I’ve never seen anything as visually disturbing in TV or at the cinema, as Hannibal.  Bates Motel holds nothing back at all when it comes to weirdness and brutality and Sleepy Hollow is downright creepy in places. I don’t want to reveal too much as it would be unfair to spoil anyone, but what I will say is….watch these shows.  They make the excellent Walking Dead look quite tame.

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