My book of the year

This one is a no brainer (as Kevin Bacon would say).

I enjoyed this book more than I can say. From the moment I picked it up, I was completely lost in this story.  No book has gripped me this way since The Graveyard Book.  Neil Gaiman has some serious, unrivalled storytelling talent.  This one was a long time in the making apparently, and the result is sheer, unadulterated magic. I won’t be reviewing the book.  For that, you can click here. All I will say is that I wish his publishers would stop bringing out special editions because a) I can’t afford them and b) they make my signed copy imported from the states seem less special edition-y!

Anyway, whatever country you’re in, whatever your cover might be… it is.  My book of 2013. If you haven’t read it yet – do.  You will not be sorry.

ng1 ng2 $_12

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