Recommended Blog of the day

This one is a must for beauty lovers.  This lady hails from Ireland, is a mum of 5 young children and she is a total beauty guru!

Nina buys, tries, tests and swatches hundreds of beauty products and writes honest, in-depth reviews, helping you to made an informed decision before making a purchase.

What I love about the site is the great photos, the swatch pictures (which are so good some people have ‘borrowed’ without permission!), the before and after pictures, and the honest, easy going way Nina writes.

If you love beauty, cosmetics and make-up, this site is a must visit. She’s won Blog awards, her site is up to almost 300,000 visits and she has great blog sales and giveaway competitions.

Here’s a couple of screenshots so you know what to expect:



Copyright Nina’s Bargain Beauty.

It’s not just makeup though.  She features skin care, other beauty products as well as promoting other bloggers.

So check out the blog today – you won’t be sorry!


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