Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion

So. It has begun. Awards season is here and very soon we’ll be captivated by BAFTAS and Academy Awards fashion, but before that, there’s this little ceremony called the Golden Globes which took place at the Beverley Hilton hotel in LA last Sunday. For the main part, the stars shone, some shimmered and some skidded onto the red carpet and landed flat on their face.  Seriously, as if these people don’t have make-up artists, hairdressers and personal stylists!! I’m going to start with the misses, just because it makes me happy to laugh at people with so many resources as their disposal looking ridiculous.

Worst Dressed

#1 – Paula Patton

This dress is HIDEOUS. The unforgiving fabric that proudly shows of her rib bones is bad enough but that thing! That ’embellishment’ ?  What is that?! A towel slung over her shoulder?! A spare bit of net curtain? I’m all for big flowers and bold statements ala Carrie Bradshaw (SAtC), but nothing about this is nice.  Nothing.

#2 – Zoe Saldana

What is this dress supposed to be? I hate the arm straps/neckline, which quite frankly just looks naff. I hate the crystal embellished sheer floral panel at the front which makes the dress seem so busy and fussy and I really hate the too big shoes on her and the stupid way she’s standing in them. The bag doesn’t even match the shoes ffs! Dreadful.

#3 – Emma Thompson

Hilary Clinton called.  She wants her hair back.  The hair can only distract me for so long though.  The bacofoil dress chops Emma in half, makes her look too short, has an awful neckline, flattens her boobs and her shoes make her look like she’s standing on tip toe.  She looks uncomfortable, and looking at this get up makes me uncomfortable!

#4 – Hayden (Pantyliner) Panettiere

I hate the hair.  Jennifer Lawrence did is earlier, and better. I detest the paneling on the dress which looks a little cheaply made or is ill fitting. I don’t like the split – it either needs to be full thigh at her age or not at all.  She looks like she’s trying too hard to be a grown up sexy woman, when really she needed younger couture to achieve that, not Sharon Stone styling. Massive miss.

#5 – Julia Roberts

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Who knows…or cares? Lose the shirt thing and you’ve got yourself a perfectly acceptable gorgeous bandeau black dress, complete with gorgeous sparkly belt.  Keep the shirt thing and you look rubbish.  At her age and with the amount of events she’s attended, she really shouldn’t be getting it wrong, still. Oh dear.


Now for the lovely ladies who seem to own mirrors and a sense of style.

Best Dressed

#1 – Reece Witherspoon

Injecting some much needed colour (look above – black…white…black and white, yawn!), Reece looks stunning in this form fitting dress which hugs in all the right places. This colour and style look amazing on her and the gorgeous swept aside hair, natural makeup and silver accessories all look gorgeous. The dress doesn’t need embellishment; the excellent cut and fabric speak for themselves and the feature point comes in at the back – stylish, elegant and a huge hit.


#2 – Emma Watson

More colour now, and our very own Emma Watson looking lovely in red (orange??). She arrived on the red carpet wearing what seemed like a safe fashion choice; a demurely cut Dior Couture dress.  Then she turned around to reveal it was a dress and pants combo.  Very daring, but the gamble pays off and she looks amazing. Also, love the shoes!

#3 – Michelle Dockery

Another Brit, another hit. I simply adore this gown. I love the shoes, her hair and make-up, the lack of accessories (this dress speaks for itself, no need for added bling). Simply stunning.


#4 – Amy Adams

She looks oh so gorgeous in this red hot Valentino gown. Once again, colour all the way for me this season! This dress oozes elegance and glamour in an understated way. The updo, subtle jewellery and make-up give Amy a timeless beauty that compliments the gown.  Considering she’s a natural red-head, this colour works surprisingly well on her.


#5 – Sarah Paulson

I love this fairytale like gown. It’s refreshing to see someone go all out for the ‘pretty’ look, rather than A list glamour. This sweet dress makes me feel like I’m looking at an ethereal, mystical creature from Lord of the Rings rather than the red carpet! Sarah looks lovely; Lana Banana done good!


Special Mentions

Cutest Couple – Chris Hemsworth and his pregnant wife. Looking gorgeous, happy and in love.  Also, they seem quite chuffed about baby #2.

Kooky Beauty – Shouldn’t work, does.  Pretty little Pixie Zooey Deschanel – I am in love with her, still.

Best dressed Mama-to-be – Olivia Wilde, showing the others how it’s done!

Best dressed male – Leonardo DiCaprio; like a fine wine gets better with age….

Orlando Bloom – love the threads, hate the weave.  Get a haircut.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Worst dressed couple. Matthew….green velour?  Really?! I kinda like the dress though…in a TOWIE way.

Well, that’s my round up of hits and misses. Black and white is bad, colour is good and less is more. Bring on the rest of the season!

Icons & Idols, part 3

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson, this pretty brunette dyed her hair blonde, slicked on some red lipstick and a screen legend and icon was born.

Marilyn Monroe

Her story is one of the most well known in the world.  Her fame, the stuff of legend.  Her dresses, letters, autographs and other personal effects still sell for millions. The world is still obsessed with Marilyn. She is the epitome of the perfect woman, the poster girl for anti size zero, the ultimate sex symbol.  And yet…..there were times when she wasn’t a very nice person.  Times when she was unhappy, lonely, and ill.  The worst of times was when she was described as being unprofessional and difficult to work with.

What is it about Marilyn that endures year after year? Her connection with the Kennedy’s? Her trademark blonde bombshell look? The mysterious circumstances that surround her death? We’ll never really know, or have all the answers about Marilyn and how she died….and lived.  But one thing is certain; no Hollywood actress has ever come close to rivaling her star status and I don’t think anyone ever will.

You can read in depth about Marilyn and her life, love and works ► here. But, here are some quotes I love, and these are a large part of the reason why I consider her one of my idols.

m6 m1 m3 m4 m2 m5

Elton John was bang on the money with his Candle in the wind song.  Here are the lyrics and below that, my favourite Marilyn picture.



Our Marilyn…..