Rediscovering old favourites…Pt 2.

I posted about a favourite film of mine back in January of 2013. The article talked about films that stay with you over the years. Films that when you come back to them for another re-watch, it’s like settling down with an old friend.  This weekend, I caught such a film on late night TV.  I first saw it when I was in my early twenties (so about 15 years ago!!), and at the time I adored it. I bought the soundtrack, bought the video and watched this movie over and over and over again.


This coming of age tale features Sarah (Robin Tunney), a troubled girl who has just moved to a new city to live with her father after losing her mother. Sarah is quickly taken advantage of by the school jerk, Chris (Skeet Ulrich) and after just one day at her new school, she becomes a social pariah. Sarah ends up falling in with a trio of outcasts “The bitches of Eastwick” – Rochelle, Nancy and Bonnie.  The girls practice witchcraft and soon realise that Sarah is their “fourth” – they can now call the four corners and have greater power than ever. The four girls quickly bond and for a while, are inseparable best friends.


Sarah is a natural and talented witch, and the others soon benefit from her pure power after failing to achieve anything so far without her. Scarred, burned skin becomes healed, a windfall after being poor, and revenge on enemies are among some of the things that suddenly go right for the girls.  Sarah manages to exact a just, balanced revenge on the school jerk.

But things also start to go very wrong, very quickly. Any grip on reality is lost due to the power hungry coven leader Nancy (a great turn by Fairuza Balk).  Sarah is the one with the talent and the power but Nancy wants to lead and be obeyed – the two butt heads as Sarah questions Nancy’s decisions. When Sarah wants out, the trio turn on her, primarily led by Nancy. You get the feeling that Rochelle and Bonnie wouldn’t have wanted to hurt Sarah if it were left to them but they’re too weak to stand up to the quite frankly demented Nancy.


So it’s down to Sarah alone to stop her.

This movie was clever for its time and has actually stood the test of time as well. The characters are likable, and real – you find yourself truly empathizing with Sarah and rooting for her too. The finale is fantastic stuff. Watch it and see who’s left standing at the end.

Or cut to the chase and watch the final scene here:

Favourite quotes:

Driver: Watch out for the weirdos, girls.
Nancy: We are the weirdos, mister.

Sarah: Did you tell your friends?
Chris: What?
Sarah: That you’re a lying sack of shit.
Chris: No… b-but I will!

Sarah: By the power of three times three, make them see, make them see.

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Where have I seen you before?

Robin Tunney: Empire Records, Prison Break, The Mentalist.
Neve campbell : Scream movies, Party of Five, Three to Tango, Wild Things.
Fairuza Balk: The Sopranos, Almost Famous, The Waterboy
Rachel True: The Cosby Show, The Drew Carey Show, Half & Half
Skeet Ulrich: Jericho, Law & Order, Into the West

The Craft Cast reunion, Hollywood – October 2013

There was a mini cast reunion for “The Craft” in Los Angeles — but one of the four witches was MIA. Robin Tunney, Rachel True and Neve Campbell were all surprise guests at Cinespia’s cemetery screening of the 1996 film on Saturday, showing up for a brief Q&A after the movie played to a sold out crowd. Noticeably absent was Fairuza Balk, who played the viciously evil Nancy in the teen witch flick. How are they going to call the four corners without her?!

The entire cast has been pretty busy since the film’s release, none more so than Neve, who would star in the first “Scream” movie later the same year.

Read the full article here.

The cast – then and now.

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3 minute short

This short movie recently won awards when entered into the “Who’s there?” Horror movie competition.  I recommend watching in broad daylight, hours away from bedtime, in a room with plenty of people and maybe even with the sound off. That’s how I did it and I still can’t get it out of my mind!

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you…Lights Out.

Proceed with caution.

The Oscars 2014

Okay, so I’ll the first to admit that I missed the boat on the Oscars and it’s a bit late for a fashion report and a hit and miss style blog article. In light of that, I’ll just leave this here as my best dressed for the Oscars 🙂

Pretty. Sparkly.  Shiny.

Cate Blanchett