Rimmel’s Wake Me Up instant shimmer radiance – A review

I can’t say that I buy many Rimmel products. I like their nail varnish colours, and now and again I’ll get a lip gloss or face powder, but that’s it. I’m more of a Benefit Gal! But now we’ve got the little one & he’s in nursery, funds are tight & much as I’d like to pretend I have spare money for make-up, I don’t.
I ran out of my Benefit “That Gal” recently 😦 I couldn’t afford to replace it. But when I was in the beauty shop at our outlet village, I came across this Rimmel product….seemed like it could do the same thing! It promised to brighten my skin, wake my skin wake up, offered a dewy finish and it was similar to that all important ballet pink base…..down from a fiver to £1.99. Well, sign me up for some of that!


Did it work?

Yes and no. The colour was a bit stronger than I expected, so next time I’ll mix it with some BB cream and see if that works better.
It’s still a fairly good product. It doesn’t have the lovely Benefit “That gal” fragrance, and it is more of a highlighter than a base, but as a cheap replacement product, I can make it work for me and my face. I’m 40 years old and so the trick is less layering of thick products and to focus more on a natural looking, line filling, complexion enhancing base. Once you’ve got that right, you’re good to go!

Because this product is a multi tasker (works in it’s own right as a blusher and lippy), I’m going to give this 3.5/5 and am happy to recommend it. Definitely give this one a go! I see it working really well on younger, holiday skin.

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