Why we drink water Pt.2 – an update

Following on from this post, I thought that those of you who might be following the water plan or were considering giving it a go would appreciate an update.

4 weeks ago, I went from barely any water intake at all to drinking at least a 1 litre jug a day – usually more. Everything was going really well until my entire family contracted a nasty virus that made us unable to keep any food or water down for a few days, which somewhat upset my plan and set it back rather a lot. When I did feel able to drink again after 2 days, it wasn’t much and I was fighting nausea every step of the way. I lost 6lbs in weight and looked like hell, so it was hardly the glowing results I had hoped for! So I have decided to hit the re-set button and start over.

A few results I can share with you now, however.  I started to see a definite improvement in my urine. It is barely coloured anymore and never smells as it previously had. My joints seem more supple and I no longer struggle to get out of my seat at work or hobble about as my body adjusts after 3 hours of sitting at a desk. My skin has REALLY improved. I have no blemishes at all, and my skin seems smooth and more plumped out. I’m still waiting for something to change under my eyes…..nothing really noticeable as yet.

I’ve had a couple of headaches, but that’s all. As a migraine sufferer, I am used to twice weekly headaches as well as monthly migraines. It’s still not completely better, but it is much improved.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I am hoping to update you again in a month, with my ‘after’ picture. In the meantime, why not click the link above, have a read and try this for yourself?


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