Makeup Revolution for 40+ skin, Part 3

A small update on the last two eyeshadows that I ordered. I can confirm that Good life and Heavenly (pictured below) are just gorgeous. They performed as well as the other eyeshadows from my last review and I still can’t get over the pigmentation, quality and staying power. I’m still amazed by the price too. I will definitely be investing in more eyeshadows and a palette or two!


Good Life £1.00 each


Heavenly £1.50

I used Good Life on my eyelid and the corners of my eyes and then used Heavenly above, up to the brow for highlight and definition. I was so pleased with the result; Good Life really brought out the green in my eyes and these shadows stayed put all day long.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3 (2)

Excuse the brows 😉 I’m due to go and get them threaded!! Anyway, back to Makeup Revolution. I have ordered a few more products:


I want to see how their regular blusher performs, and I am very interested to see the quality and quantity of the eye dust! I couldn’t resist including one of their £1 lippys with my order and of course….I needed another eyeshadow to try. Just waiting on delivery and then I will use and review. Stay tuned!



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