Makeup Revolution for 40+ skin, Part 4

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m in love with this brand. Makeup Revolution is affordable, well packaged and user friendly. The products I’ve used so far have been great quality with staying power, colour pay off and they look so lovely in my makeup bag and on my dresser!
The biggest plus point? I’m 40 and these products perform as well on my mature skin as more expensive, high end brands specifically developed for older skin.

Latest products up are:

photo 1

Today, let’s focus on the pigment – or eye dust as it’s technically called. I love silver and grey shadows so went for the shade ‘Vitality’. In the pot it looked a bit glittery and as though it was going to be much too glamourous for my everyday look.

photo 3 (2)

I underestimated Makeup Revolution on this one, I have to say! My fears were completely unfounded. Once I started using it and blending it, I found that the effect it gave was actually a lovely subtle sheen – and really, really pretty. Well, I like it anyway. Makes my green eyes pop.



photo 2aaa


photo 1aa


photo 4
I used the smallest amount imaginable on my Lauren Luke pencil brush (sadly no longer available!), and the pigmentation is fantastic, I have to say. It blends beautifully and a little goes a long way – my type of product. I can see this handy little pot lasting me a long time and at £1 each, you can afford to order tons of colours and experiment to your heart’s content. I will definitely be ordering some more now that I’ve tried this one.

It’s 4.30pm and I applied the eye dust this morning at around 7am and it is just beginning to crease a little bit. But, this is probably my fault as I forgot to use a primer this morning and I do suffer from greasy skin sometimes. Overall though, this product is a definite winner. Highly recommended!


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