How to remove your Gel manicure

I hope you caught this post and have seriously considered investing in your own nail care system from as little as £33.00. If you have, or you are thinking of doing it….one burning question might be; once you have got this indestructible gel manicure on, how on earth do you get it off?

Bear in mind that the gel manicure if designed to last 2-3 weeks. If you want to change your nail polish every couple of days, or every week or so, this nail system might not be for you. However, if you want chip free, long lasting polish that you only need to change or remove every 3 weeks or so….here’s how to remove it so that you can start again.

There are 2 ways. The simple way is with removal wraps. These are available in packs of 10 from many, many ebay sellers from as little as £1.99.


These are self explanatory. Tear the pack, put your nail in (nail against the cotton pad side), remove the seal and fold and stick the pack down. Wait 10 minutes and then take the wrap off. You may still have to work with an orange stick to remove the gel but it should come off quite well. Don’t leave for longer than 10 minutes as the acetone can dry out and the gel will start to re-stick to your nails.

You can also make these at home. You need acetone nail polish remover, cotton wool and foil. Same exact thing, only more fiddly as you are making the wraps yourself. Soak the cotton wool, put it on your nail, wrap in foil, wait 10 minutes.

What else?
You nails and fingertips will feel quite warm while the gel is being removed.
You will not be left with a pristine fingernail. There may be scratches, dry patches and a little weakness depending how well you remove the gel. Best way to treat your nails is with some olive oil or cuticle oil. Keep massaging into your nails and let them breathe overnight before attempting anything else. I usually leave mine a couple of days before putting on more gel.

See here for how your nails could look after removal. Don’t be afraid, you can bring your nails back to full health with a buffer, oil, daily attention and hand lotions and creams over a 48 hour period.

For more information, visit the BlueSky page.


Coming soon…..Bluesky colours review!

DIY manicure that lasts 3 weeks!

Like Shellac….only more affordable and you can do your own nails, at home, when suits you.

There’s no need to visit a salon to get your nails done any longer. You can now do your own nails, at home and get fantastic results lasting up to 3 weeks. Sometimes longer. It’s not expensive to set yourself up with the equipment required and after the initial pay out, this system gives nothing but pay off!

What will you need?

An eBay account. This is where I got ALL of  my supplies.

A UV Lamp (you can pick these up from ebay for as little as £15)
Nail Buffer (£0.99-£1.99)
Some Orange sticks (£0.99-£1.99)
Blue Sky Top Coat and Base Coat (Usually £5 each)
A least one colour Blue Sky gel polish (again £5 each)
Alcohol swab wipes (£0.99-£1.99), unless you buy the ‘no wipe’ topcoat.
Cuticle Oil (£0.99-£1.99)

Initial layout: £33-35. Gel nail manicure in Salons – £20 each. Do your nails twice and you’ve got your money’s worth.






So, how do you do your nails?
Well, set aside an hour for your first time – subsequent applications (once you’re used to it) take less time.
Using the buffer, gently remove any shine from the top of your nails – it helps the base coat grab on. Also shape your nails at this point and them remove the excess dust.

Okay, now for the base coat. Apply a thin layer, but don’t go to the edge of your nails. Leave a small 1-2mm gap between the gel and your skin. You need this to create a ‘seal’. Do one hand and pop it into the UV lamp for 120 seconds (called ‘curing’), trying to keep your thumb nail as flat as possible.

Once this hand is done, repeat the process but with your colour gel, ensuring that you apply a thin layer of the colour. Stay inside the top coat layer, again not taking the gel to the edges. You’ll need two to three coats depending on the colour. Brighter colours seem to need 2 coats, more subtle colours take 3. Once you have applied a layer, cured the nail and repeated, you then apply your top coat. Take the top coat and apply it over the edge of your base and colour, but still try not to quite touch the skin. Cure for 120 seconds and then you’re nearly done! The surface of your nail will be tacky, until you swipe it with the alcohol wipe. Then your nails go dry, rock solid, shiny and amazing! Apply a little cuticle oil to keep the skin around your nails looking healthy and you’re good to go. The top coat creates the final seal that will help your manicure last weeks and weeks….


You can watch the process in the video below. Lisa Eldrige has ‘Shellac’ nails done……very similar to Blue Sky, only more expensive. They both give the same results and do the same job.

More posts coming – colour reviews and the all important how to remove the gel.