Character spotlight….Regina aka The Evil Queen

The costume department of Once Upon a Time never cease to amaze me with their creations for Regina/The Evil Queen. Naturally, the Evil Queen’s outfits are more lavish and extravagant, especially when she’s in the enchanted forest setting. I love seeing what they’ll come up with next, but here’s a few of her previous looks that were pretty awesome.



evil queen pic (1)












Regina is definitely one of my favourite characters in the show. She continues to grow, evolve, learn and change. She’s fearless and ruthless but can now be reasoned with and we keep on getting a glimpse of the goodness still within her that was always there (and not completely gone as Snow suspected). Lana Parilla is a fantastic actress, just perfect for the part. More Enchanted Forest scenes please! We look forward to seeing Regina meet Robin Hood….. 😉



From the movie…to the TV shows

I was so annoyed when I started to hear about certain movies being turned into TV shows. There just seemed no need for it! Had Hollywood run out of ideas?  I mean, who in their right mind would take a legendary character like Hannibal Lecter and make him TV friendly for an hour at a time? And why would you mess with Johnny Depp’s Ichabod Crane and try to create a nice tied up, weekly adventure? It wouldn’t be creepy.  Hannibal wouldn’t be menacing. And don’t even get me started on a teenage Norman Bates…..gah! Worst idea ever…?

I was even more annoyed to discover that I was wrong! (I don’t like to be wrong).

In a nutshell, my ratings for these 3 shows are:

Hannibal 10/10 (Hannibal is supposed to have a European accent. Who knew?!)
Bates Motel 8/10 (Vera Farmiga……a revelation. Watch it, Lange!)
Sleepy Hollow 8½/10 (Hellllooooo new Ichabod!)




So it seems that the bigwigs in TV land have finally got something right.  Better still, these amazing shows are being renewed for new seasons instead of being cancelled without being given a fair chance (cough cough *firefly* cough cough cough splutter). 

Not only that, but they haven’t held anything back when making these shows.  I’ve never seen anything as visually disturbing in TV or at the cinema, as Hannibal.  Bates Motel holds nothing back at all when it comes to weirdness and brutality and Sleepy Hollow is downright creepy in places. I don’t want to reveal too much as it would be unfair to spoil anyone, but what I will say is….watch these shows.  They make the excellent Walking Dead look quite tame.

Once Upon a Time…

Predicatable.  Cheesy.  Twee. The occasional shitty plop piece of CGI.  A bit smug and pleased with itself. There is so much about Once Upon a Time (OUAT) that should spell ‘Rubbish TV show’.  But it’s also clever, addictive, well written and has Robert Carlyle.  Somehow, it just works, and I love it. For every plotline I have guessed, there is also a surprise waiting just around the corner and with every cackle of “Hello dearie!” uttered by Rumple, I get hooked on this show more and more.  So without further ado, here are my favourite characters (so far).


Ruby / Red
Ruby is awesome! She kicks ass, is a loyal friend to Snow and she can smell bullshit a mile off. Plus, she eats anyone who messes with her.


Snow White
Although I like Snow, I’m not so keen on wet blanket Mary Margaret, although she is starting to come into her own, finally.  But I like arrow slinging, knife wielding, bad ass Snow – I also think Ginnifer looks better with long hair.


What’s not to love? Conniving, eye-liner wearing, no scruples, double crossing pirate.  And a nemesis for Rumple!


Could have so easily been a wet mop but she isn’t. Survived being locked up by regina, survived Rumple at his worst, and still she is awesome and strong and stands up to Rumple and sees the best in him.  Awesome character!


Speaking of the Evil Queen…..Regina has had the most character development, the most heartbreak and the most thoroughly evil storylines.  She’s fantastic and complex and keeps on growing and developing.  Please let her put Cora in the ground though and be a worthy mother-figure finally for Henry. Oh, and she also has the most amazing wardrobe so she gets 2 pictures 🙂



August / Pinocchio
Where did you go? Come back – we love you!! Emma’s protector who failed but then redeemed himself (barely) turned back to wood but then became a real boy again when Magic came to Storybrook.  But where did he go?


Emma Swan
We like her now that she can handle a sword and has magic and is stepping up to face off against her enemies and look after her son.  We do feel that Henry’s father will return at some point…. 😉

And the very best character of all, without question……


Rumplestiltskin / Mr Gold
He gets all the best lines, has a catchphrase and sparkles a bit, even if he does have crocodile skin. He’s devious and untrustworthy and evil and all that but we still love him! The fact that Robert Carlyle acts every other cast member clean off the screen might have something to do with it too.

Once Upon A Time7-20110921-65

So there you go, dearies! Our favourite OUAT characters.  Agree?  Disagree?  Think there someone worth adding? That’s what the comment button is for 🙂

American Horror Story – Asylum

Is there anything more terrifying, bizarre, perverted, strange, weird, horrific, inventive, ridiculous, brain-crawlingly unnerving and downright excellent on your TV at the moment? I’m going to go with no. And if there is, for the love of god please tell me because I really, really want to know.

I thought American Horror Story Season 1 was amazing. I didn’t think that Season 2 American Horror Story : Asylum would be as good as or better.  I was wrong.

Having said that, opinion out there is divided (some serious whining going on at the IMDB message boards!). Although I loved season 1, (Ghosts, scary house, things in jars in the basement), S2 had a lot more going on.  Sometimes too much but seriously….did you see what happened this season?! Aliens, creatures that had once been patients eating human remains, torture, mutilation, murder, evil nuns, demons, possession, mential patients compulsively masturbating, Chloe Sevigny without any legs (once they were chopped off by the evil Nazi doctor), and so much more including gruesome, graphic, blood laden sick and twisted scenes that will stay with you long after Rubber Man and Infantata.

And the cast…oh my! Too many brilliant actors among the ensemble to mention them all, but standouts are Jessica Lange (obviously), Lily Rabe, Evan Peters & the always excellent Sarah Paulson.


From the interviews and rumours on the internet, all of these players will be returning for S3, along with some actors from S1 who have been absent this season.

The cameos were kind of cool for S2, i.e. Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine, Dylan McDermott (towards the end, after he blabbed exactly who he’d be playing on Twitter – idiot), Frances Conroy, Ian McShane…..I also enjoyed seeing Jopseph Fiennes this season.

Standout moments from the series finale (or last few episodes) were all Lana.  This:


And Lana blowing off her son’s head.

What? He had it coming.