NcInc – Beauty Review

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you beauty queens out there will know that Distribeauty have stopped working with Elf cosmetics and that the UK website is more or less empty of products until Elf USA get the new site up in a couple of months. Well, I needed new mineral supplies….and they had none. This is what led me to discover the brand ncinc on ebay.

For around £24 I got a large foundation, the Miracle Veil, Finishing powder, blush and an eye shadow. My order arrived in cute black organza bags, with a free mini foundation thrown in too.

So, the first plus about this company – good sized products, affordable & good value, great packaging and excellent customer service. Very fast delivery too.

First up…the foundation. Available in various sizes and various combo deals, this also comes in a really good selection of shades.

A handy leaflet comes with you order…and on it, it does say less is more. Build up your coverage gradually, it should be barely visible on the brush. It goes on nicely and gives pretty satisfactory results. At this point I made the wrong choice and applied the miracle veil (which can go on under or over the foundation), followed by the finishing powder. All of this is too much and made my face looked caked up. I’d say choose to use either the Miracle Veil or the Finishing powder, but maybe not both unless your application is very, very light.

The Miracle Veil helps your skin to feel soft and ready for more make up. It also absorbs excess oil to keep your skin matte and fresh. A lovely product.

The Finishing powder sets your foundation nicely. Again, it helps to keep the shine at bay and offers a flawless finishing touch.

Here’s where things fall down a little. The blush comes in one shade only, is difficult to blend and does not give a blush effect. I would expect to see some pinks and plums here…..this blush just looks like a darker foundation and doesn’t do anything for me. More colours and choice, please.

All in all, I was impressed. I like the eye shadow too and will be trying more colours. I’d also like to try a few more of their other products and see what their brushes are like.

you can buy starter kits, foundation & brush kits, single products and lots more. Why not check out this new, affordable brand today?


Book Review: The Road Through Wonderland by Dawn Schiller




Dawn Schiller is a survivor.

It’s so easy to just casually drop the line that Dawn was the product of a ‘broken home’ and ‘tough neighbourhood’, but what does that really mean? For Dawn, it meant living in fear with feelings of isolation and loneliness. It meant the loss of beloved family members and with that, the security and love they gave her. It meant being propelled into the unknown with no support and the realisation that she didn’t seem to matter to anyone. Living this way in an increasingly violent neighbourhood with a mother who struggled and became desperate and took her frustrations out on Dawn is what was primarily responsible for Dawn leaving Florida for LA. There, she met John Holmes, the legendary porn star who was as famous for his movies as he was being involved in the Wonderland killings, and later famous for dying of AIDS.


Dawn was just 15 years old when John took a shine to her and offered her all the things she was lacking in life – safety, security, affection and love. This book is a love story in the beginning. At the start, John was upbeat, fun, happy – all the things that had been lacking in dawn’s life. Further down the line however, drugs entered into the equation and he became something else entirely, dragging Dawn along with him. She endured physical and mental abuse so severe that it’s a marvel she made it out at all. But she did, and the result it this compelling, inspirational story.

I found this book impossible to put down. For a tale where one of the main characters is a porn star, there is a surprising lack of sex in these pages, which is a good thing as there is a darker tale to tell. At one point, Dawn is fleeing for her life as contract killers are out gunning for her – none of this is her doing and all to do with the dark path that John takes (drags??) her down.

She has to fight for her life again and again but she never did give up and is here today to tell her story.


With a foreword by Val Kilmer and Kate Bosworth (Johnny & Dawn in the move Wonderland), this book is written in a truly engaging way. Dawn is honest, open and owns up to her own flaws and weaknesses. She doesn’t place blame solely at John’s feet but instead owns up to where she went wrong. She wasn’t perfect but the fact of the matter is that Holmes took advantage of her and mad her feel she has no choice but to stay with him. The Wonderland killings changed everything. To this day, the extent of John’s involvement remains a mystery. Read the book and see what your take is on everything. Even though this book is uplifting towards the end, get your tissues at the ready.

Hard-hitting, disturbing, inspirational – this book is all of those things and more. I challenge you to read it and not be moved.

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Makeup Revolution for 40+ skin, Part 4

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m in love with this brand. Makeup Revolution is affordable, well packaged and user friendly. The products I’ve used so far have been great quality with staying power, colour pay off and they look so lovely in my makeup bag and on my dresser!
The biggest plus point? I’m 40 and these products perform as well on my mature skin as more expensive, high end brands specifically developed for older skin.

Latest products up are:

photo 1

Today, let’s focus on the pigment – or eye dust as it’s technically called. I love silver and grey shadows so went for the shade ‘Vitality’. In the pot it looked a bit glittery and as though it was going to be much too glamourous for my everyday look.

photo 3 (2)

I underestimated Makeup Revolution on this one, I have to say! My fears were completely unfounded. Once I started using it and blending it, I found that the effect it gave was actually a lovely subtle sheen – and really, really pretty. Well, I like it anyway. Makes my green eyes pop.



photo 2aaa


photo 1aa


photo 4
I used the smallest amount imaginable on my Lauren Luke pencil brush (sadly no longer available!), and the pigmentation is fantastic, I have to say. It blends beautifully and a little goes a long way – my type of product. I can see this handy little pot lasting me a long time and at £1 each, you can afford to order tons of colours and experiment to your heart’s content. I will definitely be ordering some more now that I’ve tried this one.

It’s 4.30pm and I applied the eye dust this morning at around 7am and it is just beginning to crease a little bit. But, this is probably my fault as I forgot to use a primer this morning and I do suffer from greasy skin sometimes. Overall though, this product is a definite winner. Highly recommended!


The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman

A good review of The Ocean at the end of the Lane.

Savidge Reads

Neil Gaiman is one of those cult writers who I always think I would really, really like, I just have to read more of his books as so far the number of them that I have read is a little paltry. When it comes to authors of that stature, and being a relative ‘Neil-newbie’, it almost makes me feel fraudulent it write about his latest ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ – one of the most hyped/anticipated/buzzed about books of the year and one I read for the Not The Booker Prize. I am also rather nervous because whilst it is a book I really enjoyed reading, it is one that had a few niggles for me on occasional, let me explain (before all the Gaiman fans come and hunt me down for blasphemy)…

‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’ is a book about memory and imagination…

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The Orchard at Tesco


I have always championed Tesco. I love the benefits you receive of being a loyal customer, with a clubcard.  For example:

  • Clubcard points.  You shop, they save them up and then every so often you receive a voucher and we usually get between £15-20 off our shopping bill.
  • Additional coupons – money off, extra clubcard points etc – all tailor made to things they know you shop for!
  • THAT fab promotion that runs every so often – £5 off a £40 shop.  Have just enjoyed 3 weeks in a row of this!
  • Money off petrol vouchers – brilliant.
  • Exclusive baby club stuff, including a car parking badge to park in the parent & baby spaces
  • Priority delivery slots (we shop online!)
  • Delivery saver – £7.50 a month, saving up to a possible £12.50 a month (every little helps….!)
  • Special promotions to save stamps to get amazing stainless steel cookware, crystal glass collections etc for a fraction of the price
  • Additional clubcard points for being green and recycling/reusing bags etc

Of course, Tesco’s goal is to make money. That should be EVERY forward thinking companies goal really, but Tesco really goes give you extra.  They also care about what their customers actually want and have given me the chance to sign up for the Orchard at Tesco.  So I did.  I’ll be on a panel that tests products and shares opinions so that the rest of the UK can make informed decisions based on honest reviews.  You can also sign up!

To do so, CLICK HERE.


Horrifying, twisted & sick

This post won’t have any pictures because every time I see Ian Watkin’s face, I feel physically sick.

I won’t go into details about the charges this animal has pleaded guilty to because every time I read the case I ended up more flabbergasted and in tears.

Disgusting, depraved, disgraceful, sick, perverted, twisted, vile…..none of these words even come close to sufficing as a description for what he’s done.
I just keep seeing one sentence over and over and over….

the attempted rape of a baby

A one year old boy. Whose mother should have been willing to lay down her life to protect her little boy from monsters in the closet, from bullies in the playground, from paedophiles out in the world….not be the accomplice that makes it possible for a fully grown man to molest a baby.

No sentence that will be passed on December 18th can reflect the severity of these despicable crimes.

The only comfort we as a Nation can take from these increasingly disturbing news reports is that the children concerned were removed from their parents ‘care’ and are being looked after, protected and truly cared for….finally.

I’m not really religious but tonight I will say a wee prayer for any child, baby, minor and underage teen who came into contact with Ian Watkins. I don’t know what will happen to him and the ‘mothers’ when they go to jail, and I wouldn’t normally wish harm on anyone….but if I read that someone removed these sad excuses for human beings from this plane of existence, I’d send a word of thanks to the big man upstairs.



You need to be reading this! The link below takes you to my page which contains everything you need to know about visiting and staying in the heart of Hollywood.  Insider tips, recommendations, where to shop & eat, where to stay and just about everything else you can think of!


What does it all mean?


Valentines Day

Consumer driven, card-greeting money maker?

The day that couples go all gooey and singletons turn against them and glare with malice whilst declaring them to all be pathetic and accusing them of buying into a shallow sentiment, designed by corporate companies to make money.

Do we really need a special day set aside once a year to tell our loved ones that we love them? Whatever you think about psychic mediums, one guy knocks the nail on the head :

“Communicate,  appreciate,  validate.” – John Edward

Don’t wait until someone is gone to realise how much you love them.  Don’t wait for February 14th and then begrudgingly spend £20 on wilted, crappy last minute roses from Tesco, or elbow people out of the way at The Card factory because you feel obligated to put how you feel into a piece of paper.  If you love someone – tell them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Saying “I love you” costs nothing, so why not say it every day?  Why not make your loved one feel appreciated and loved all the time?

Having said that, I like flowers and chocolates and meals out – and any excuse to cosy up to my husband. I just don’t necessarily need it on the 14th February.

Where does Valentines day originate from?  Read all about it HERE.