Links to fantastic sites I love that are well worth checking out. According to me, anyway. Click on the pretty pictures to be whisked away to somewhere probably a lot more entertaining than here.

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It’s only Pretty Green but I like it

A lovely new blog all about Drapers Award winning Menswear label Pretty Green, founded by Oasis & Beady Eye lead singer Liam Gallagher.


Entertainment, Fashion, Celebs, Movie & TV reviews, Hollywood happenings and exclusive interviews plus lots more! Well worth a visit.


A family run business based in Manchester  – a friend of mine runs this – they make Hand-Made & Personalised charms, magnets etc to your requirements.  Take a look for very pretty offerings for your wedding/party favours, or to add some very unique bling to your wine glasses!


Prettify yourself from only £1.50 (plus P&P).


This website it bloody, horrible, unsettling, and will give you nightmares.  I love it.


The best beauty blog in the world ever.  Yes, it’s one of mine.


I love this site more than anything; it makes me feel like a teenager again – no easy feat.


A treasure trove of old looking crap, otherwise known as Shabby Chic decorative items from the home.  Avoid if you are fond of animal prints….or were born after 1950….

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