Where in the world?

So, high street giants HMV are going into administration. A little bit of a surprise since they’re the only remaining retailers (apart from independents) of their ilk. I can recall when Nottingham city centre had an enormous Virgin Megastore, and not one but two HMVs. When HMV closes, it begs the question….where will we buy our stuff? For me, the answer remains the same….online. Except, I have just sworn off Amazon; yet it would appear that they have got the market well and truly cornered. Since tax laws have changed in Jersey, Play.com is going to be reduced to nothing but a marketplace….so where do you turn to when you need a new DVD or CD? Not eBay (I’ve had so many fakes/pirates etc). There’s nowhere left BUT Amazon is there….?
I’m so sorry for all the people who are out of jobs. Hopefully if we ever truly come out of recession, Amazon might get a bit of competition, otherwise I can see them charging exactly what they want to and there will he sod all we can do about it.

Amazon update…..

So Amazon finally delivered all of my 5 items (yes, including the missing item!)

None of the items were delivered on time and the missing item which had a confirmed delivery date of 2nd January was actually shoved through the letterbox on Saturday 6th January.  I wonder when Prime next day delivery stopped meaning actual next day delivery.  I would complain to them about every item being late but it’s just not worth it as they might end up giving me free membership for 2013….which will still lead to me spitting feathers if one single order is one day late.  So no, sorry Amazon but I am taking my custom and cash elsewhere!