More sock snowmen

Further to this post, I have now made a grand total of 6 sock snowmen!  I think I’ve got it down now and can create one in less than 10 minutes. I’ve also started to get a little more creative with fabrics and crafty bits. Next year I am going to go bigger and better. Below are 2 pictures……batch one contains the first ever rather sad looking snowman and then you can see in batch 2 how I’ve practiced a little more and gotten a little better.

I still highly recommend this as a quick and easy Christmas craft that you can do with your kids.  These snowmen make wonderful little stocking filler gifts. I made mine for my mum, 2 sisters and 3 best friends and they love them! Follow the link above for instructions and give it a go! You don’t need many supplies and the result is surprisingly good, while the process is unbelievably easy.

Merry Christmas! 🙂

Batch #1 – There’s my first ever snowman on the left!

Latest batch – sparkles and pretty hats!


Christmas crafting for the artistically challenged

You know how people make jokes about not being able to sew a button on? Well, I can do that. I can just about repair a seam that’s come apart as well.  After that, I’m rubbish. I am a writer, not an artist and I can’t make cards or create my own art for the house or knit, sew or craft cushions etc.  But I have stumbled upon the easiest Christmas crafting ever. If I can do this, anyone – seriously, anyone – can do this!


You will need:

  • White crew sock (buy several pairs if you want to make gifts)
  • Elastic bands
  • Mixed bag of buttons (I chose green & red smaller ones)
  • Some Christmas ribbon or fabric
  • Craft glue
  • Map pins
  • Long grain rice
  • Scissors
  • Needle & thread

Start by cutting the sock at the heel and tying off the main part with an elastic band.  Keep the rest of the sock, you’ll need it.


Next, stuff the sock with rice.  Keep pushing it down and using the stretch of the sock to plump it out and make a fat, round base.


Next, tie off a section and then fill up the smaller top section with more rice. Tie off with another elastic band.  Your sock should now have a basic snowman shape.

S3 S4

You now need your map pins. I bought a pack of black and a multi coloured pack, which had orange inside. This was good, as I was all out of miniature carrots…



He’s starting to look like a real snowman now! Next, add your ribbon and fashion it like a scarf.  Also, roll the top of the edge of the sock remnant up and place it on the snowman’s head like a hat.



Okay, now you just need to embellish him a little.  Sew or glue some buttons on to the main body section and maybe jazz up his hat with some ribbon or fabric offcuts.



You are all done! And here he is – my finished prototype Snowman 🙂



Directions were taken from HERE. Their snowmen are considerably better than mine!!! Here are some other sock snowmen.  Using different materials, embellishments and crafty bits you can create your own individual designs.

sm1 sm3

sm4 Sock_Snowmen_5055fd4b4a2a6